Grenada vs St Kitts Citizenship by Investment Program


So, you’ve explored the merits of obtaining a second passport and have narrowed your options to the Caribbean. There are several programs to choose from and your unique circumstances, needs, and goals will determine the best fit for you and your family. In this article, we aim to help your decision-making process by comparing the Grenada vs St Kitts citizenship by investment programs. In no time you’ll be on your way to making an informed decision and getting started on your journey to dual citizenship. 

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Program Benefits​

Fast application process
Minimum investment starts from $100,000
Multiple investment options
No residency requirements
Favorable tax environment
Visa-free travel to over 140 countries

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Grenada vs St Kitts Citizenship: The Main Points

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

St Kitts Citizenship by Investment

Application Time

Three to four months

Four months

Global Passport Ranking



Qualifying Investment

NTF minimum donation: $150,000 (single applicant) / $200,000 (family of four) OR Real estate investment: $220,000 minimum

SISC minimum donation: $250,000 (single applicant) / $350,000 (family of four) OR Real estate investment: $400,000 minimum OR Public Benefit Option: $250,000


No income tax on foreign income, no wealth tax, gift tax, or capital gains tax

No income tax, no wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax

Residency Requirements

No stay requirements

No stay requirements

Family Eligibility

Includes spouse, dependent children under 30, siblings over 18 (unmarried with no children), parents and grandparents

Includes spouse, dependent children up to age 25, parents over 65

Application Requirements

No language test, or residency requirement

No language test or residency requirement

Who can apply for citizenship? 

Before submitting an application for either of these CBI programs, the main applicant must fulfill the following requirements:  

  • Be over 18 years old  
  • Be able to demonstrate an outstanding character  
  • Be in excellent health  
  • Have a clean criminal record  
  • Pass a detailed background check 

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

grenada beach Caribbean passport investment programs

One of the southernmost islands of the tropical Caribbean, Grenada is a much sought-after tourist destination. It is as well known for its spices as it is for its beaches and is one of the world’s largest producers of cinnamon and nutmeg, the latter actually appearing on the national flag. In 2013, Grenada entered the citizenship by investment marketplace, becoming the fourth Caribbean island to do so after St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, and Antigua. The program gives foreign investors the opportunity to obtain Grenada citizenship by making a financial contribution to the nation’s economic growth.  

Investment options 

The Grenada CBI program offers two routes by which applicants can obtain citizenship on the island:  

  • A non-refundable minimum donation of $150,000 (single applicant) or $200,000 (family of four) to the National Transformation Fund (NTF).  
  • Investment in pre-approved real estate for a minimum of:  
  • $350,000 for a property purchase as a sole owner 
  • $220,000 in shares of real estate projects for tourist accommodations  

In addition to the minimum contribution, applicants will be required to pay additional fees such as due diligence fees, application fees, processing fees, government fees, and interview fees.  

Grenada citizenship benefits 

  1. Plan B. As we’ve seen in the past few decades, world politics and economies can be unpredictable, so planning for your family’s future is wise. A second citizenship gives you the flexibility you might need and can create new opportunities and a sense of security. A Grenada passport is an excellent plan B.  
  2. Enhanced global mobility. Grenada citizens enjoy visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including the UK, the European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Russia.  
  3. No obligatory length of stay. You are not required to live in or even visit Grenada. Your entire application from start to finish can be conducted remotely and there is no residency requirement once you’ve acquired your Grenada passport. There are also no language tests or academic requirements.  
  4. Family inclusion. The CBI application is family-inclusive, embracing your entire family – spouse, dependent children, parents, siblings, and even grandparents. Even better, lifelong citizenship is automatically passed on to the future generation. Moreover, Grenada recognizes dual citizenship, so you don’t have to give up your nationality to reap the program’s benefits. 
  5. Tax advantages. Comparing tax advantages of Grenada vs St Kitts citizenship reveal benefits from both countries. Tax residents, non-residents, and citizens alike enjoy an attractive tax structure with no tax on foreign income and no wealth or inheritance tax. 
  6. US visa opportunity. One of the benefits of citizenship over St Kitts citizenship is Grenada is the only Caribbean country whose citizens are eligible for the E-2 Visa that offers investors the opportunity to settle in the USA. There are only 80 countries that are eligible for this visa. 

Grenada passport 

The Grenada passport ranks 74th in the Global Passport Index, affording holders visa-free access to over 140 countries, including the Schengen region of Europe, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Russia.  

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St Kitts Citizenship by Investment


The twin-island country of St Kitts and Nevis is the pioneer of Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, being the first to introduce the scheme in 1984. The economy, once dependent on a thriving sugarcane industry, is now mainly fueled by tourism, with manufacturing and offshore banking also contributing to the GDP. The CBI program grants investment citizenship to individuals and families in exchange for a minimum qualifying contribution of $250,000 to the country’s development. 

Investment options 

The St Kitts CBI program offers three investment options: 

  • A $250,000 minimum donation to the Sustainable Island State Contribution (SISC) which is a government fund supporting the economic, environmental, and social prosperity of the country. 
  • A $400,000 minimum investment in a government pre-approved real estate project, of which there are many; a $400,000 purchase of a condominium unit, or the purchase of a single-family private dwelling worth at least $800,000. 
  • A minimum of $250,000 invested in a public benefit unit known as Approved Public Benefit Projects. 

St Kitts and Nevis citizenship benefits 

  1. Improved global mobility. As a St Kitts passport holder, you can enjoy visa-free travel to over 140 countries, including the UK, the European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Russia.  
  2. Plan B. A second citizenship gives you flexibility and creates opportunities in a world where politics and the economy can be unpredictable. Having a St Kitts passport is an excellent plan B.  
  3. Family inclusion. The citizenship application is inclusive, covering your family – spouse, dependent children, and parents. Citizenship lasts a lifetime and is automatically passed on to your descendants. Additionally, you can opt to keep your existing nationality since St Kitts recognizes dual citizenship.  
  4. No residency requirements. Not only can you complete the entire application process remotely, but there are also no residency requirements once you’ve acquired your St Kitts passport. You are not required to be physically in St Kitts at any point, and there are no language tests or academic requirements.  
  5. Tax advantages. Neither tax residents nor non-tax residents pay personal income tax in St Kitts. In addition, there is no wealth or inheritance tax. 

St Kitts passport 

Among the five Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment, the St Kitts and Nevis vs Grenada passport advantages are clear. Grenada provides visa free access to China whereas St Kitts offers the most powerful Caribbean CBI passport.

According to the Global Passport Index which assesses countries’ passports based on factors such as enhanced mobility and quality of life, St Kitts ranks 53rd. The St Kitts passport allows holders visa free travel to over 150 countries including the UK, the European Union, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Russia.

Grenada vs St Kitts Citizenship Processing Times

Regarding timeline for obtaining citizenship in Grenada vs St Kitts, both citizenship by investment programs offer fast processing times with little variation between the two programs. The Grenada program takes three to six months to process, and St Kitt’s citizenship program has a similar processing time of around four months.

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Grenada vs St Kitts: Which program is right for you?​

hong kong united kingdom saint lucia

Both the Grenada and St Kitts CBI programs provide overall similar benefits making it a challenge to select the best one for your unique circumstances. Let’s take a detailed look at what differentiates the two investment programs. 

Tax benefits 

  • Personal income tax: St Kitts and Nevis has one of the more attractive tax regimes in the Caribbean because there is no personal income tax for tax residents or non-residents. However, Grenada residents pay income tax on annual incomes exceeding EC$36,000 with rates starting at 10 percent. 
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): Both Grenada and St Kitts charge VAT on goods and services with a few exceptions. The rate in Grenada is lower – 15 percent compared to 17 percent in St Kitts.  
  • Corporate tax: Tax resident companies in Grenada pay a 28 percent corporate tax whereas in St Kitts the tax rate is 33 percent.  

Visa-free countries 

Grenada passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to over 140 countries including Russia and China. Similarly, the St Kitts and Nevis passports grant visa-free travel to over 140 countries, however, the list of countries excludes China.  

Investment options 

  • Options: Those seeking a Grenada passport by investment have only two investment options available, either a donation to the National Transformation Fund or a pre-approved real estate investment. St Kitts and Nevis passport hopefuls have three investment options – a Sustainable Island State Contribution, property investment, or approved Public Benefit Projects.
  • Qualifying investment: The cost of citizenship by investment in Grenada vs St Kitts varies, but Grenada generally has lower investment requirements. The St Kitts and Nevis CBI program has a minimum qualifying investment of $250,000 for a single applicant or $350,000 for a family of four. Grenada’s minimum qualifying investment is currently $150,000 for a single applicant and $200,000 for a family of four, making its CBI program more affordable than St Kitts.  

Family inclusion 

Regarding family inclusion in Grenada vs St Kitts citizenship program, Grenada’s CBI program is more inclusive, allowing for more family members to accompany the main applicant: 

  • Spouse 
  • Dependent children of the main applicant under age 30 
  • Siblings over 18 (unmarried with no children) 
  • Parents and grandparents of the main applicant 

The St Kitts CBI program allows for the inclusion of the following family members: 

  • Spouse 
  • Dependent children of the main applicant or spouse under 18; and between 18 and 25 (if fully supported by the main applicant or spouse); or 18 and over and mentally/physically challenged  
  • Parents of the main applicant or spouse aged 65 and older who are fully supported by the applicant  

Why work with Global Citizen Solutions?


When working with Global Citizen Solutions, you will benefit from the following:  

  • Global approach by local experts. We are corporate members of the Investment Migration Council, with local expertise in all five Caribbean citizenship programs.  
  • 100 percent approval rate. We have never had a case rejected and will offer you an initial free-of-charge due diligence assessment before signing any contract.  
  • Independent service and full transparency. We will present to you all the investment options available, and all expenses will be discussed in advance, with no hidden fees.  
  • An all-encompassing solution. A multidisciplinary team of immigration lawyers, investment specialists, and tax experts will take into consideration all your and your family’s mobility, tax, and lifestyle needs.  
  • Confidential service and secure data management. All private data is stored within a GDPR-compliant database on a secure SSL-encrypted server.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about Grenada vs St Kitts Citizenship

The St Kitts CBI program grants citizenship to qualifying investors and their families in exchange for an investment of at least $250,000 in the country’s development. It is the oldest established Caribbean passport by investment scheme, as it was launched in 1984. 

The Grenada CBI program was launched in 2013 to allow investors and their families who are desirous of obtaining a Grenada passport the opportunity to do so by making a minimum investment of $150,000 in the country’s economy.

Both passports have their merits. According to the Global Passport Index, which ranks country passports based on factors such as enhanced mobility and quality of life, the St Kitts passport ranks higher in 53rd place while the Grenada passport is 74th.

Individual preferences, investment goals, and personal circumstances will determine which Caribbean country between Grenada and St Kitts is better. Both countries have citizenship by investment programs offering a second passport and favorable tax regime. Grenada is a greener and more scenic island with pristine beaches. St. Kitts is less mountainous with lower annual rainfall. Regarding culture, Grenada has its spice factories and period estates, while St Kitts and Nevis has Brimstone Fort, the Sugar Train Railway, and former plantations.

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